Diamond Oaks Roseville California homes for sale January, 2016.


How much is my Diamond Oaks Roseville Ca home worth?


Roseville California real estate agent Jesse Coffey.

There are currently three homes for sale located in Diamond Oaks in Roseville, Ca.





  • Diamond Oaks Roseville is located in Central Roseville. Diamond Woods Oaks was developed around the City owned Diamond Oaks Golf Course. Feel free to contact me to discuss buying your Diamond Oaks dream home. I can assist with purchasing a resale home or a brand new home in Roseville. Diamond Oaks homeowners feel free to contact me to discuss your Diamond Oaks home value and selling your Diamond Oaks home.


Roseville Real Estate Agent Jesse Coffey

*The listings provided are from the local Multiple Listing Service and as of January 14, 2016 are accurate. These may not be my listings and are for informative purposes only.